Daiho Czech s.r.o.

Podnikatelská 1112/23,
301 00 Plzeň
Tel.: +420 377 680 811
Fax: +420 377 680 809


Head office:


1-3-7, Dainichi-cho, Moriguchi-shi
Osaka, Japan (Post code 570-0003)

Tel: +81 (06) 6908-8125
Fax: +81 (06) 6908-7951

Company's Policy

Social responsibility policy                                       

Daiho Czech s.r.o. is focused in production of plastic parts injected into mold, spray and assembly for automotive and other industry (air conditioning parts), and medical industry.

Social responsibility is crucial role and integral part of company strategy.

Basic principles of company social responsibility:

  • Respect of law, regulation and national cultural custom

  • Respect  and confidence in all company employees

  • Maximum helpfulness towards customer

  • Employees action in interest of the company

  • Respect to environment

  • Prevention of corruption, bribe, and blackmail

Daiho Czech s.r.o. refuse discrimination and respect employees as unique characters regardless of their age, sex, state, race, face color, religion, political opinion, nationality or citizenship.

Target is to ensure fair evaluation for all company working positions and opportunity to contribute company success and work for all interested parties profit:   

  • Our customers

  • Our employees

  • Daiho company and stockholders

  • Our suppliers

  • Administration and supervision government organs

Daiho Czech s.r.o company strategy come out of principles, missions and visions of Daiho group. Daiho Czech company communicate with all interested parties and based on obtained results modify next steps in order to reflect real needs of these parties.

Human rights and regulatory compliance, employees:

  1. We accept and respect internationally recognized human rights and refuse any human rights violation, we refuse children work

  2. We respect law and regulation of interested party country

  3. We harmonize work conditions and company code with  valid law requirements   of the Czech Republic

  4. Motivation and bonuses – fair rewards for carried work, support and protection of employee healthiness by suitable motivation tools

  5. We create suitable surroundings for negative signs call - „whistle-blowing policy“



  1. Confidence and discreet – target is to build and maintain confidence and discreet between  Daiho Czech s.r.o. representative and customer

  2. Quality – produce and deliver products and services in conformity with customers’ requirements, IATF and ISO9001:2015

  3. Price  – set products and services  price which reflects objective  and real  production costs including all externalities

  4. Effectivity and products safety  - use all tools to increase processes effectivity in order to provide better and wider offer of products  

  5. For realization and delivery of products is the customer always at the first place  and his satisfaction is always more important than immediate profit


Selection and control of suppliers – basic principles

  1. Transparency  – selection process is opened and must be understandable for all interested parties, no corruption is accepted

  2. Honest communication  – all suppliers get the same opportunity and are approached at the same way  without bias

  3. Regular evaluation – each supplier is objectively evaluated based on quality, price and on time delivery. Also is evaluated suppliers helpfulness to operatively solve potential problems or nonconformities in deliveries.


Environmental perspective

  1. Sustainable environment – active application of ISO 14001:2015 requirements

  2. Environment protection  –  by suitable use of sources eliminate impact of company production  activity on environment

  3. Fulfilment of all environmental regulatory limits  – regular monitoring of production processes in order to lower environment impacts

  4. Acceptance and respect to suppliers environmental  requirements